We are an international law firm. We have a mixture of both local and foreign clients. So it does not matter to us whether you are qualified in Taiwan or in a different jurisdiction. We will consider your application as long as you fulfill the basic criteria. To start off, the minimum that we are looking for in a potential candidate to join our ranks is at least 4 years PQE. We need to ensure our clients that the lawyer assigned to their case at our office has more than a basic qualification and experience and has the right kind of attitude. Other than this, candidates will also have to meet up with three other mandatory requirements. 

Are you responsible enough? We provide a very personalized service to each of our clients. They include multinational corporations, foreign investors and major syndicates in Taiwan. They are professionals in their own field. It is therefore very important for us to ensure that candidates intending to join us are responsible in character and fully understand the implications of any work performed without total commitment. You will therefore have to be diligent, disciplined and dedicated to the work in our firm and our clients. 

Are you sufficiently resourceful? We want lawyers who are able to act independently and think on their own feet. You will need to know how to utilize the resources around you and solve problems using the best practical approach. We require you to think fast and be decisive. You must be able to optimize opportunities to the advantage of both the clients and the firm. Last of all, we need you to be creative with your ideas and to be vocal about them. 

Do you move on your own initiative? We do not want people who will only act when being asked to. Most of the time, you will have to make things happen by moving on your own initiative. This means writing a brief progress report to clients just to let them in on the current status of a case even if they had not been asking for the past 6 months. 

For those who do not meet the minimum 4 years PQE requirement, we invite you to write to us if you believe you possess the natural ability and aptitude to excel in legal work. If you are successful, we may require you to undergo a 6 months training program at our Singapore head office and be subject to another 6 to 12 months of in-house supervision (depending on your PQE) upon your return to Taiwan. 

In return we provide a comfortable office environment, challenging opportunities in the law, and a remuneration package that is above the market standards. 

For all inquiries and communications regarding our recruiting policy, please contact Mr. Daryl Lai at daryl@jtjb-taiwan.com, Tel: (886) (2) 27720567 Ext.15.