Michael Sung

Michael Sung graduated from Fujen Catholic University in 1996 and was admitted to the Taipei Bar not long after. He was previously with Qilin International Law Office before joining JTJB-Taipei to handle general litigation, matrimonial disputes,corporate and I.P. matters. 

Mr. Sung has litigated on a wide range of commercial matters before the Taiwanese Courts and specializes in corporate, trademark, copyright and fair trade law. He has acted for a number of electronic, apparel and beverage companies on matters concerning parallel imports, trademark infringements and counterfeiting. His extensive experience in the field of competition law and unfair trading has taken him to lobby in Taiwan for a well know brand of alcoholic beverage. He has also been involved in the market surveys of infringement products for another beverage company. Mr. Sung is currently permanent legal counsel for a well known brewery in the United States. 

Mr. Sung is also experienced in the entire spectrum of family law related issues and has advised and represented clients in proceedings related to divorce, distribution of matrimonial assets, alimony, and family violence.

On the corporate law side, Mr. Sung is the permanent legal counsel to a number of companies in Taiwan. He handles all corporate law matters which includes business registrations, labor problems, listings, stock and asset purchase, joint ventures and mergers. His recent work includes the corporate acquisition of a major orchid nursery in the United States by Taiwanese buyers.

Mr. Sung specializes in the following areas: 

Corporate Law 
Competition Law
Family Law
Intellectual Property 
Litigation and Arbitration